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Why the Fall Pre-Emergent is the Most important Treatment for Your Lawn!

Weeds are not pretty and, when allowed to spread, can have a potentially devastating effect on the entire lawn. The weeds will compete with your grass for sunlight, water, air and essential nutrients. An infestation can become uncontrollable quickly, so you must take action. Pre-emergent herbicides for weed treatment must attack the weeds while they're still seeds, thus, eliminating unwanted plants.  In Central Texas, the Fall application of weed pre-emergents is typically applied from late September through October.  If you apply weed pre-emergents too late the herbicide may be less effective. Soil temperature, weather and other conditions will dictate when weeds will germinate so it is crucial to apply the pre-emergent at the proper time. If weeds germinate prior to the application, the service will be much less effective.

Following a few simple tips about using the right treatment at the right time will ensure your lawn is properly nourished all year long.

When applying weed pre-emergents, geography, Mother Nature and soil temperature are just a few of the factors.  

When they are properly watered in, pre-emergent herbicides will form a thin barrier in the top layer of the soil. When a weed seed germinates and comes into contact with the pre-emergent, it should be destroyed. A uniform coverage of the pre-emergent must be provided in the locations where you want to deny weeds from getting a foothold.

A few things to remember about weed pre-emergents:

• Pre-emergent weed control works by inhibiting the development of newly germinated seeds.

• The herbicide barrier you’ve created stops the development of weed seeds.

• Lightly water your weed pre-emergents after you lay them down to create the barrier against germination.

• Too much rainfall, or not enough, will break the herbicide down more quickly than expected, potentially changing the effectiveness.

• Your grass will go dormant in the winter and so will not outgrow the weeds and the weeds will be very obvious in your lawn.

• Pre-emergents do an excellent job of preventing annual weeds but a separate application may be needed for perennial weeds.

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