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Aeration Service

If you are like many homeowners, you look at your yard each day and wonder what you can do to make it look fuller, greener, or maybe as good as the neighbors. You’ve tried expensive fertilizers and chemicals from the store, but all that they have done is waste your time and your money. You may have even attempted adjusting your yard’s watering schedule, to no avail!

lawn aeration service

It can be discouraging to try so many different things to make your grass grow, only to watch them each fail to deliver the results you expected.

Instead, Wellspring Landscape Services has a different, more efficient solution than anything you can buy at the store. Aeration, one of our top lawn care services, is among the best ways to promote sustained lawn growth, and improves the lawns ability to uptake nutrients from fertilizers and water.  

Why Aeration?

But how does aerating your lawn help grass grow? One of the most overlooked aspects of grass and other plants is remembering that they, like all living things, require oxygen. Over time, the soil in your yard grows thick, preventing sufficient airflow to travel to the grass’ root system. As a result, the grass becomes stunted, and it may wind up choking it out entirely. By loosening the soil, rock, and even tangled roots of other plants and grass, it allows your yard to breathe once more. The process is simple, and we’ll have your yard oxygen-rich in no time at all.

Many homeowners spend a fortune on expensive products and services trying to get their lawn to grow. When all their lawn needed was an annual core aeration service to get the needed oxygen and nutrients to the lawns roots. Aeration requires no added chemicals and is safe to be done any time of year. Your yard will only benefit from the process, with no adverse side effects!

When it is time for your lawns annual aeration service, you can count on the team at Wellspring Landscape Services to get the job done right. Since 2009, we have been providing the best core aeration services in the Austin, Bee Cave, Lakewood, Rollingwood, and Westlake area. Give us a call today at 512-653-7700 to schedule your service or request a free quote online.

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