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What is Liquid Aeration?

Liquid aeration is an alternative to the traditional core aeration treatment. Aeration has many important benefits. It allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and reduce soil compaction. Traditional methods of aeration are done mechanically by running a machine over your lawn that pulls cores of soil out of the ground. As you can guess, this can be a messy process.

How Does Liquid Aeration Work?

Liquid aeration is made up of a natural solution that is made up of a mix of natural microbes and humic acid. When applied to your lawn, it saturates the soil and mixes deep in the ground and expands. The tiny pockets of air that form allow for water and nutrients to freely move to the root system of the grass, without cause disruption to the top layer of the soil. With this limited disruption, we are able to limit the space on the surface of the lawn for new weed growth as well.

What Are the Benefits of Liquid Aeration vs Core Aeration?

You may be asking yourself, "what are the benefits of using a liquid aeration product over traditional core aeration?" While both methods are effective, liquid aerations benefits may be more appealing for multiple reasons.

  • Liquid aeration is less expensive: Traditional core aeration cost can range from $150-300 or more. Liquid aeration on the other hand does not require any special machinery or operators, therefore, the cost is less.
  • Liquid aeration covers more of your lawn: With mechanical core aerators, the machine can only pull plugs every few inches. This means that on an average lawn, only about half of the lawn will be aerated. Applying a liquid aeration allows the entire lawn to be covered, and at a lower cost!
  • Liquid aeration penetrates deeper than mechanical core aeration: Traditional core aerators only penetrate into the soil 2-4 inches. Liquid aeration is able to travel further into the soil. Due to this, the soil is broken up deeper in the ground, which allows the roots of the grass to expand and grow faster. When your grass has stronger, healthier roots, fertilizers and other lawn treatments will have better success rates as well. When your lawn's soil is looser, water is able to have been drainage and percolation so you are less likely to have standing water, reduces the amount of water your lawn needs during the hot, dry summer months and allows for water to seep deeper to the root system of your lawn.
  • Liquid aeration is quick and easy: No special equipment is needed to apply liquid aeration, therefore, we are able to apply it quickly and more efficiently saving you money.
  • No soil cores or plugs left on your lawn: A big complaint with traditional core aerators is the soil plugs that are left on the lawn surface. Liquid aeration offers most of the same benefits of core aeration, without the mess left behind on your lawn after application.

When it is time for your lawns annual aeration service, you can count on the team at Wellspring Landscape Services to get the job done right. Since 2009, we have been providing the best core aeration services in the Austin, Bee Cave, Lakewood, Rollingwood, and Westlake area. Give us a call today at 512-653-7700 to schedule your service or request a free quote online.

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