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Fertilization & Weed Control Services

Central Texas is known for its shallow, poor soil. A tailor-made fertilization & weed control program will increase the growth of new leaves and roots, reduce lawn stress and increase recovery, treat specific weed types at specific times of the year and replenish nutrients and amend the soil.

lawn fertilization and weed control

The way to achieve a great looking lawn in Texas is no secret, it is discipline. It is having the discipline to maintain a scheduled lawn fertilization and weed control program. Our lawn care program is consistently providing your lawn with the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy lawn right here in the heart of Texas. Our licensed technicians know how to perform the service properly using the highest quality products and taking the time to do the job right!

Benefits of Fertilization & Weed Control

  • Weed Free Lawn
  • Increased Drought Tolerance
  • Lush Green Appearance
  • Promotes Healthy Root Growth
  • Replenishes Nutrients and Enriches the Soil
  • Fights Disease

Our Fertilization & Weed Control Program

At Wellspring Landscape Services we spend a great deal of time researching and testing the science of turf nutrients and management methods. We work hard to provide cutting edge technologies in Fertilization and Weed Control. Years of experience have provided us with specific details and proprietary methods that make us an above average turf management company. When developing a turf fertilization program, we consider a number of factors including:

  • Minerals required for turf growth and development
  • Natural soil fertility
  • Fertilizer selection
  • Turf/grass species, desired quality, and use
  • Environmental and management conditions
  • Application schedule

Whether you have never had your lawn fertilized and treated for weeds or you're just tired of not getting the results you expect from your current provider, Wellspring Landscape Services is here to help. Our team of expert trained and licensed lawn fertilization and weed control technicians take the extra time to study your lawn and customize a plan that best suits your lawn. We make it easy to request a quote and schedule service. Get started today!

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