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Sustainable Landscaping Trends in 2017: Lawn Care Lakeway, TX Pros’ List

In a world more and more concerned with climacteric changes, extreme weather phenomena, unusual weather conditions, global warming and environmental problems, sustainability in landscaping is not a whim, but a necessity. Lowering your environmental impact while enjoying a beautiful and more sustainable outdoor landscape and garden can be easily achieved if you take a look at this year’s trends in landscape design. Today, our lawn care Lakeway, TX specialists want to share with you five of the most sustainability-centric trends in outdoor architecture that will positively impact the environment and save you a lot of resources, time, money and effort on maintenance.

1. Endemic Planting

The use of native plants needing less watering, fertilization and pest/weed treatments is not new. However, the use of endemic plants is. Called hyperlocalism this trends implies the plantation of vegetation that is endemic to your specific region and climacteric conditions. Such plants are more resilient, need little to no watering, promote the development of specific eco-systems, need little maintenance or chemicals to thrive. In other words, endemic planting saves you money, time and effort while promoting green sustainability.

2. Natural Materials

Sustainability this year is also going to be promoted and achieved by using natural building elements like wood, stone, sun-dried tiles, bricks and terracotta. Besides the more natural and authentic / rustic look that is promoted by landscape architects these days, such materials also contribute to the overall sustainability of your property.

3. Edible Gardens

Blended and integrated gardens are now new either, but our lawn care Lakeway, TX specialists observed that people want more fresh produce to grow and consume and they revamp and redesign their landscapes to replace more and more turf with more and more vegetables, herbs and spices. Endemic veggies and fruits also need little care but they do sustain a healthier lifestyle for the family. Such endeavor also promotes the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides, the introduction of companion flowers and insects and the wise use of chemicals.

4. App-Controlled Irrigation Systems

We now have today smart irrigation systems that include plenty of sensors and come together with smartphone apps for better control and maintenance. Smart irrigation installations control the amount of watering depending on the weather or your soil’s needs. Water saving is a huge concern, this is why the use of smart irrigation systems saves you water and money. Some apps allow you to control the sprinklers while you are away from home or to immediately call your contractor when the app alerts you about possible leaks or system malfunctions.

5. Activity Areas

One way to improve sustainability on your property is to cut down the size of your lawn and inject functionality and low-maintenance principles into new activity areas. Trends this year take the shape of bocce playing fields, sand gardens for children, pet-centric play areas, fire pit areas, outdoor barbecue / cocktail areas and so on. Since nobody wants to weed, pest-control, water or mow the party area in the garden, this means one can use natural materials to build decks, patios or terraces. Cutting down the turf size leads to the use of less water, fertilization, mowing, treatments and money.

If you are interested in other sustainability-focused landscaping trends, ask your lawn care Lakeway, TX specialists for the ones you can adopt and adapt to your own property.

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