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A Friend in Need: Lawn Care Austin, TX Pros on Epsom Salt

Given the specific weather conditions of Texas and the large number of pests we have to deal with, being able to use an organic, powerful, and safe fertilizer to keep our turfs and landscapes green and healthy is a godsend. Luckily for everyone, Epsom Salt is a product you can find in drugstores and supermarkets. This home remedy used for hundreds of years to relieve all sorts of ailments in people and in animals was discovered to be one of the best natural organic fertilizers to date. There is some hard science and proof behind the benefits of Epsom Salt for turfs and landscapes and today our lawn care Austin TX specialists are here to share this info with you.

From Bath Salt to Fertilizer: the Versatility of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is still used today as a bath salt with curative properties, but more and more people use it as fertilizer. We don’t know who that first person who observed that, sprinkled on the soil, Epsom Salt turned the turf greener and thicker was, but the world owes that person a round of applause.

Epsom Salt contains magnesium and sulfur – two critical substances which promote growth, the production of chlorophyll, the germination of seeds, foliage resilience, better nutrients uptake, transplant shock resilience, pest and weed control properties and so on.

What Soil is Best to Use Epsom Salt On?

In the U.S., the sulfur deficiencies in plants are rare – manure, compost, and other organic fertilizers contain plenty of sulfur. Magnesium deficiencies in plants occur more often and have to be countered fast. Epsom Salt is useful no matter what you cultivate and no matter what soil you own. However, before pouring a bag of Epsom Salt at the base of your roses or all over your turf, have a chat with your lawn care Austin TX specialists. You may need a soil test first and some tips to make better decisions before using this fertilizer. These are the soils requiring Epsom Salt treatments and amendments:

  • Soils lacking the correct levels of magnesium
  • Slightly more alkaline soils (high pH levels)
  • Old, weathered soils
  • Slightly more acidic soils (low pH levels)
  • Soils high in calcium and potassium

If your lawn care Austin TX specialists identified such issues with your soil, ask them about the use of Epsom Salt to boost your landscape’s health and growth. These are the major benefits of the salt all year long:

  • Helps new turf seeds germinate faster and stronger
  • Helps established turf to grow upright, strong, thicker, and greener blades, resilient to stepping, stomping and lawn mower stress, heat or other extreme weather conditions
  • Helps you grow more colorful, more bountiful flowers: roses, azaleas, gardenias, rhododendrons, and so on.
  • It turns your tomatoes and peppers larger, more colorful, more scented, and a lot sweeter.
  • It counters transplant shock, helping the transplanted plants to grow deeper roots, produce chlorophyll and uptake the soil’s nutrients.
  • If you spray Epsom Salt on curled or yellow foliage it will turn green again.
  • It works well as a pest and weed control aid.

These are just a few important things you need to know about Epsom Salt. If you want to learn more, have a chat with your local lawn care Austin TX specialists!

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