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The 9-Steps Guide on Proper Early Fall Preparations from Our Lawn Care Austin TX Pros

While weather in these parts is still gorgeous, this does not mean you do not have to engage in some thorough early fall lawn and landscape preparations. After all, while you enjoy autumn’s lovely colors and scents, you still need to build and strengthen the foundation of your landscape so it can face the cold season with ease. As a seasoned homeowner, you probably know already what you need to do and schedule in the next months. However, our lawn care Austin TX specialists are here to offer you a heads-up. Take a look at their 9-steps guide on proper early fall task and activities that will ensure a thriving and healthy lawn and landscape until next spring.

  1. Soil Test: You performed the test in spring, but now it is time to repeat the process. Make sure the pH levels are correct and balance them with soil amendments to make sure everything grows at full potential. Check for soil drainage issues and also nutrients levels and diseases.
  2. Aeration: Loosen up the soil, so air, light, warmth, fertilizers, and water reach deep. These essential conditions ensure safety and health for everything growing on your property.
  3. Overseeding: Dry and brown patches of turf need overseeding. Get your local lawn care Austin TX pros help you with this task and fix all dull, yellow areas on your turf. Overseeding helps the turf get dense. In turn, this will make your lawn more resilient to pests. Do not forget about mixing turf crops!
  4. Mowing: You may need to raise the mower blades one inch up. Growing taller grasses in early fall means you ensure them better access to light and heat. Turf blades will turn these natural elements into nourishment for the roots. If you grow Bermuda or St. Augustine grasses, you should let them grow tall this season.
  5. Irrigation: In case you need to follow some local watering regulations, talk to your local lawn care Austin TX team about proper landscape irrigation this time of year. You should water properly and sustainably the entirety of your landscape.
  6. Fertilization and Weed Control: You cannot have a healthy, thriving lawn and landscape without proper fertilization and weed control. Your local lawn care Austin TX pros will probably recommend pre-emergence weed treatments. You can also consider mulch as a supplemental measure to keep vegetation moist, cool, nourished, and safe from pests and weeds.
  7. Landscape Beautification and Enhancement: Keep your bushes, hedges, shrubs, vines, and trees perfectly trimmed and pruned. It enhances the aesthetics of the landscape and promotes growth. Fall is a good time to revamp your landscape with new flowerbeds, bulbs, and crops, so have your local lawn care Austin TX help you with that.
  8. Pest Control: Pests in Texas are a never-ending problem, and you should keep your eyes wide open when it comes to creepy crawlies. Make sure you do not entertain pests with too much moisture and shadow or scattered vegetal debris. Pest control treatments may also be in order this time of year.
  9. Cleaning and Ordering: Make sure that your yard, garden, lawn, and landscape is perfectly clean from dead leaves, vegetal debris, leftovers, or tools scattered around. The mess will only entertain pests and diseases, and these are the last things you want in fall.

Your local lawn care Austin TX team can be of further help if you ask them for services or advice on the matter.

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