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2 Summer Easy Focal Points: Lawn Care Lakeway, TX Specialists’ Advice

Creating a focal point inside the house and outside the property is one of those designer’s jobs that almost need no explaining. It comes as a default element of decoration and is meant to pull the entire indoor or outdoor landscape together. Focal points are defined as areas on your lawn, back yard, patio, garden or front yard where visual lines intersect. On a property, the usual focal points are the house’s front door, the intersecting area between your porch and the sidewalks and the beginning/end of a path. Focal points are also created when you have a rather neglected area on your property, an angle or a corner you want to draw attention to. Focal points are usually created playing with colors, shapes, and sizes. Today, our lawn care Lakeway TX pros are here to give you two easy ideas on how to create focal points on your property with the help of ornamentals.

1. Bougainvilleas – Best Friend You Have

Texas loves bougainvilleas and learned to tame them into potted plants, tall-growing trees or vines – it all depends on what you need them for. Versatile and gorgeous, bougainvilleas can be turned into focal points in their vine shape – use a fence or garden wall to tame bougainvilleas growing on it to create a colored lush backdrop in the back of your yard for other landscape elements. It will add color, contrast, and beauty and even bit more of privacy.

A potted bougainvillea works well as a focal point if you want to draw attention towards a certain spot in your lawn or garden, a neglected corner, the front house door, the end of a pathway or a patio. If you constrain these plants’ roots to a pot they will develop flowers over foliage. Just remember to place the bougainvillea pot in a very sunny area and it will do the rest. If it bathes in the sun all day, you can use a potted bougainvillea to create focal points even at the end of your driveway.

2. The Red Maple Tree – Go Full Texan

Texas also loves the Red Maple Tree – a native true symbol of what the state has to offer in terms of color and beauty. The main advantage of the tree is that it will stay a colored, majestic focal point all year long.

  • Spring flowers are red
  • Summer fruit and twigs are also red
  • Autumn foliage really offers a visual show as the leaves bathe in colors ranging from gold yellow to amazing scarlet.

Red Maple Trees also come together with plenty of advantages:

  • Being Texas native, they are resilient to some amount of drought (but have your lawn care Lakeway TX experts teach you how to water it correctly)
  • They grow large, providing you with shade and privacy, but they need little maintenance.
  • You can use them to create fabulous focal borders of parking lot or driveways as they are also pollution resistant.
  • They have little issues with pests or diseases.

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