Happy Customers

Such a great locally owned landscaping company in Austin. Owner, Kirk Slack, is wonderful to work with on all different types of jobs. From weekly lawn service to preparing a yard before listing your home, Wellspring is efficient, fairly priced and always there to help. I recommend them to clients every chance I get.

Jan Moreland

Moreland Properties

They have done a great job for us! Every time!

Susan Blackburn

Wellspring has been awesome to me. Great company that does what they say they are going to do. Flyer comment is funny, especially if you see that guys other posts.

Jon Erickson

I highly recommend Wellspring. The team is meticulous and actually care about the quality of the work they provide. Kirk, the owner, will actually come out and discuss your goals and any landscape concerns you may have and work on a program with you. Kirk has helped me to understand TX plants and weather in general and is always available to listen to my concerns. An added shout out to Sarah, the office manager. She is a dream addition to the business and will always get your scheduling done. Her communication is awesome. Wellspring rocks!

Stacy S.

The team at wellsprings are a home run. Prompt polite and courteous. They bent over backwards to make my yard look amazing. Sarah the front desk manager was very helpful and I am very pleased with all there efforts.

Chris G.

AJ and Ben were excellent. They arrived when scheduled, were clean cut and professional, and were prepared with all types of equipment. They removed old shrubs and some overgrown prickly succulents. They reworked the bedding and mulch to make it look like nothing had been taken out.

I felt like I was working with a team who was as invested in the look of my landscape as I was. Rather than removing one of the plants I requested, they trimmed and cleaned it up to see if I liked it better. It was perfect, looked like a new plant and I'm really glad they didn't just rip it out.

When they finished the work I had planned, they went further to weed a walkway, pick up leaves and do general cleaning in order to fill the time I had paid them for. Before they departed, they cleaned the area with a leaf blower and checked in to make sure I was satisfied. I could have not been more pleased and I highly recommend this company.

David S.

I can't say enough great things about Wellspring. Honestly. You can tell they truly care about the quality of their work...which isn't easy to come by. I've talked mainly with Kirk, and he's been nothing but helpful and informative to my needs. Highly recommended!!!!!

Sara L.

Wellspring did an amazing job on my landscaping. They provided all healthy and well-watered plants for my extensive landscape design (Double B Land Design). I saw some folks complaining about the growth of the company. First, they are growing because they are great. Second, I know that they have implemented a lot of technology last year to keep up with all the work. there will always be hiccups in that. For my project, work was performed on time and on budget. They are an honest and trustworthy company and it all starts at the top with Kirk the owner. They will do my next development project I hope.

Jerry M.

We went through a long selection process for both major landscaping work and weekly maintenance. We chose Wellspring for both, and I'm happy we did. The maintenance has been great with affordable pricing and reliable and very fast service.

The main things I liked about Kirk for the landscaping were his reasonable price and his apparent knowledge about what we needed to do and how to make it work best for us. But perhaps the most important was that he was responsive and reliable.

They just finished the work yesterday and it looks fantastic. His crew was very respectful and friendly, and he kept me up to date on weather delays, etc. Kirk also took care of some little things that were not specified in the bid but he likely felt were part of the process of improving the yard.

Overall we are very pleased with the work and will recommend Wellspring to our friends and neighbors.

Steve W.

Fantastic customer service. They actually did what they said they would do! Imagine that!

S. C.

These guys did a great job!

Tom C.

Since moving from Houston we have had a difficult time finding a good lawn service that does more than mow and blow. Kirk and his team pays attention to details and does a lot more for your yard and landscape than every landscaping service we have found here in Lakeway. We have been thrilled to have a competent and knowledgeable team to service our rather complex landscape and yard. He was highly recommended to us by Angie's List.

Ira L.

I have been using Wellspring for several months now. They do a great job with the basics- mowing, edging, blowing. In addition, they helped replant some flower beds in my yard and also they have done tree trimming. The owner is very nice and really wants to make the customer happy. Very nice people to work with.

My only complaint, which is little, is that sometimes it can take a while for them to do their book keeping. (ex: sometimes they won't charge your credit card until 2-3 weeks later and then you'll have 2-3 weeks worth of charges all at once.) It's not a huge deal though, and it won't keep me from using their services.

Nora E.

Good professional company that works with Client in providing best services. Kirk works proactively with customers to deliver services in a timely manner. Price very competitive

Jatinder D.

I use wellspring for all my landscaping needs. They get the job done fast and the owner Kirk is very easy to deal with. I just came home to a fresh cut lawn that has been neglected for a few weeks. I am thinking about joining one of wellsprings plans.

Uns C.